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Owner Reviews

Jeff Pontillo #25
  "I have traveled all over California looking for a classical guitar, none have compared to the quality of Brian Burns'. His craftsmanship is exceptional. It's worth the trip to Mendocino just to meet Brian and tour his workshop - let alone play one of his beautifully resonant guitars."
​                                                         - Jeff Pontillo

Daniel Roest #24

  "I fell for No. 24 when I had the opportunity to play it and experience something missing from other handmade guitars. I had the opportunity to play it in several concerts, and the volume and tone were up to the task. It's beautiful in looks and sound - and I felt the modest asking price made it quite the bargain. I feel lucky to own this unique instrument. Tomorrow I have a flute and guitar concert, where once again No. 24 will shine."
                                                          - Daniel Roest

Michael Zelver #11

  "Traditional Flamenco guitars have a playability and sound quality that is very difficult to find today. Very light and balanced, small profile neck, low action and quick sustain, reedy articulated notes. My Brian Burns guitar achieves these qualities.

Further, the guitar is beautifully crafted, and aesthetically spot on.

Well worth waiting for!"

                                                        -Michael Zelver

Joel Di Mauro #29

 "The guitar I bought from Brian is the best guitar I’ve ever played.  This guitar, #29, has enhanced my playing incredibly by allowing me to better control the sound and nuances of the pieces I play. The guitar not only sounds great, but the feel and look are superb as well.
Brian puts a ton of work into every guitar he builds. From testing the wood, to building and voicing his instruments, he goes above and beyond.

You will find immense attention to detail, and precision, in a Burns guitar.  I’ve played guitars from many makers and legendary builders, and Brian’s guitars are up there with the legends.
Thank you Brian!"
                                                        - Joel Di Mauro

Steve Mullins #21

  "I have owned many great flamenco guitars by famous builders including Gerundino, Antonio Marin, Lester DeVoe, Manuel Bellido, Conde Hermanos, Ramirez, Barba, Reyes, Manzanero, Plazuelo, and Bernabe.  My Brian Burns blanca (#21) is right up there with the best of them, in my opinion.  It excels in all three of the areas I consider most important--tone, volume/responsiveness, and ease of playability." 
                                                        -Steve Mullins